Friday, February 15, 2008


My world, like in Genesis, so dark
devoid of form and void.
Home to many a painful memory
and dreams yet unborn, lurks in the shadow

Your heart, the long sought match-stick
stricken against my lone match-box heart,
a little spark, then a tiny tinge
and a glow so tender is born!

Your tender glow, my gloomy heart ignites
revealing Eden's treasure, long lost
for once again, I became your guiltless Adam
and you, my innocent Eve!

For let me be the candle wax
upon whom your passionate flame burns
loosed in your warm innocence
two hearts, melting into one

Monday, February 04, 2008

Yet we are all equal

Born to contend with giants
Whose emergence, nature has warmly favoured
A wooden spoon would have made the difference
But with naught, I dine on life’s biased platter

Yet, all men are equal

Like David I gunned for the throne
For books have thought me to aspire
But the favoured have eaten up the meat
And the crumbs they left for me on life’s biased platter

Yet, we are all brothers!

Are we equal that sleep in comfort,
And leave us to watch the night with disturbed thoughts?
Are we brothers that sit in luxury,
And watch as we waste in penury?

Yet, we are all equal!

We are all equal,
That clad our feet with chains of slavery
And yank ancestral bonds apart!
Because we are black.

Yet, we are all brothers!

Preach these sermons over again
Maybe their clogged ears may so hear
The wails of children in distant towns
Whose soul has been severely torn!

For we are all equal!

We are all equal!
We are all brothers!
But why should some mortals blight our creeping light?
And tense up our plight?
Even when fate has made us right?