Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Gift

Navigating love’s thoughtless paths,
like the palace fool over again;
searching secret sanctuaries of sacred hearts,
but getting less than I bagain’d.

I have stumbled on different breeds
of mortals who spew venom,
desecrating love’s sacred creeds,
for such is their norm.

Now the traveler is back,
and my travailed heart sings
for a love returned in flapping wings,
but my heart to hack!

The fragile arm of a waiting lad,
outstretched with hope for a return gift;
a sinking heart to give a lift,
but you chose to make him sad

You are back...
with treasures on my feet lain;
wrapped in a lurid gift of pain
my heart to crack!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Night Rain

On my roof, pelting drops of rain,
dancing rhythmically at nature's ancient beat,
cascading down voluptuous frame
like strings of beads
once suspended by a chord- now broken!

The lone night sing along in pelting silence
as nature's tune resonates pestering drips,
clogging man's lawful sail through fantasy land

For if nature's drips, man's barn to swell
why does it halt man's drifting drowsiness?

Friday, February 06, 2009


"Dedicated to my niece Rhianna and every new born baby in the world

Kindled flame began as a tender glow
Yoked in mother's uterus, God made it so
Artemis mystery revealed after labour's cramp
Laden-ed belly breaks forth like a rushing tap
Innocent Rhianna is born; heaven's praise to show