Monday, June 09, 2008

In The Shower...

Behind closed doors,
away from filial filtrations
buried betwixt that maternal bossom
of this old-faithful shower
amidst its resonating lullaby,
my lonely heart finds expression.

Naked, my once veiled thoughts roams unrestrictedly
unearthing a maze of memories, time has failed to heal.
Distraught, my emotions climaxed into thick dark clouds
whose weight plummeted under my frail frame
until my cloudy eyes, releases its pains as rain!

I let the tears flow unabated,
cascading down the steepy slopes of my gloomy face,
interrupted on its lonely path,
by the rhythmic eruption of my breath
and a heart simmering with pains!

Then came the cold shower,
halting my stream of consciousness
showering kisses on my naked body.
I watched in awe, as my saline pains
are washed down the drain!

For in the shower,
our watery pains are drained
in the ever flowing currents of life.
And on its tide, rides life greatest lesson;
...Let go and move on!