Monday, January 07, 2008

If Only...

If only the moon, the day to rule
And the sun rules the night
Then mortals can labour at moonlight dawn
And recline when the sun burns

If only the masses could rule
And not One ruling Many
For what reason lies in such reality
That One should control the majority?

If only books could write Men
And not Men writing books
For man will distort life’s story
But nature preserves history

If only the man could make his world
And not the world making the man
For the world sets the race
But every man to dictate his pace


Aloofaa said...

My Boss has gone mad with words!

Nessa said...

Love this, very nice

Nessa said...
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secret blogger said...

Beautiful writer.

BARBIE said...

Dammy,nice poetry.Don't rest on ur oars...God is with U.I believe in in U...Good luck in all Ur endeavours...