Friday, February 15, 2008


My world, like in Genesis, so dark
devoid of form and void.
Home to many a painful memory
and dreams yet unborn, lurks in the shadow

Your heart, the long sought match-stick
stricken against my lone match-box heart,
a little spark, then a tiny tinge
and a glow so tender is born!

Your tender glow, my gloomy heart ignites
revealing Eden's treasure, long lost
for once again, I became your guiltless Adam
and you, my innocent Eve!

For let me be the candle wax
upon whom your passionate flame burns
loosed in your warm innocence
two hearts, melting into one

1 comment:

sharon said...

Hey baby,

I love this poem as it reflects our love for one another. I love you more and more each time I read and learn of the wonderful poet you are. Keep your head up and your day will soon come.

Your wife,
Jamilah Keke