Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dance of Innocence

The past like a raving wave
beats incessantly on the mind's bank
nagging thoughts from yesterday's grave,
lay siege of our anticipated tomorrow

tethered dreams, hopelessly battle
every battle, a web is spun
until we are fettered over again
by those thoughtless webs, we spun!

Who says innocence is a vice?
Let him probe the guiltless stare of babies
who giggle playfully at mother's painful writhe
after biting so hard on her tender tits!

yet, mothers still curdle them close to her heart
knowing that moment of ignorance must be forgiven
for such guiltless acts in innocence,
are the greatest show of love.

for our yesterday lurks in the corner,
waiting to snatch every moment of happiness.
when we look, we find emptiness
but the past is that trailing shadow,
that walks life's mile with us

Therefore, roll out on life's dance floor
and let us partake in the dance of innocence!
for we worry for tomorrow's music
that never may be heard
while today's rhythm waste away
and none to embrace it!

1 comment:

~Acidic Ashima~ said...

Our perceptions are so different! I wrote a poem titled "The dance of innocence" too! But its soo different!
nice work!