Monday, December 25, 2006

Familiar Friend

*This is a poem written as a reaction to the death of the Lagos state Governorship aspirant, Engineer Funsho Williams, who was brutally murdered in his bedroom. When will Nigerians and Africans at large, learn to practise politics without bitterness?

What gloom haunts the air?
what frail mortal limbs lay?
once brimming with life so bright
now, whisked off in the cruel winds
and served in a casket on earth's table
for famished worms to feast on
as the sun mourns in deep melancholy

What beastly creature art thou
that prowls man's earthly habitation?
disguised as a familiar friend?
your morbid ambition, executed with a smile,
you cease the bread of starving lads!

O murderer! where lies your gains,
for those hearts you feed with pains?
homes, you plunge to sorrow
and flood with fiery fury
burning in their once timid heart

For this destiny you abort too soon,
awaits you on the other side!
for know this O murderer,
that man is the grave's meat!

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