Sunday, October 14, 2007


My beloved Africa,

On this path - this pain frosted path, laced with thorns that buries themselves deep into my flesh. On this ancient path where some have found true happiness and others lay shattered and battered and above all, heartbroken! It is on this same path, I found myself!

But my heart lingers on, taking each giant stride, one after the other. Knowing that in due course, I will experience true happiness.

But let me lay to rest my pilgrim's progress and relish in the flow of the moment. For I speak in this manner because I am not in doubt of the intellectual bountifulness of your children and I relate with you, not as with others but as would Lovers; for you and I alone know what we share.

I have graduated!

It meant nothing to me because I have waited for what seemed like eternity for it. But this morning, as I scribble this emotional piece, it is beginning to mean so much to me. It means so much to me now because I have just realized that what appears to have been an obstacle to our being together has just been subdued!

The journey so far has been rough and tough. For four years, I have laboured like my other black brothers and sisters, to distinguish myself in the gathering of men. Pursuing knowledge with all tenacity and putting all I have into it. Like Paul - the apostle, I can affirm, "I have fought the good fight of faith" - but in this case, it is a fight for survival! A fight of destiny!

I watched myself mature in character, strength, Passion and in age, over the years. I watched as my pen took upon itself a personality of its own. Graduating from prosaic writing to an elevated use of words laced with symbolic connotations and heightened poetic prosody. But as much as I relish in the rhapsody of my maturity, I still keep wondering and pondering why I don't seem to look my age! I often have to convince people of my age because according to them, I look younger than my age. Should I rejoice or be sad? I am confused!

Africa - my beloved, I have missed you in the real essence of the word "MISSED". I have tried so hard over the past few months, to wash away those lofty thoughts about you from my heart but I have met with no success! Sometimes, in the stillness of my room, when nature has gone to rest and the distant whistling of the Cricket can be heard far into the dark and still night, I cry! I cried because I love you!

I bemoan how two lovers could have been so alienated from each other for this long! I bemoan the distance that my quest for education has placed between us! I bemoan your silence, which is evident in the stillness of the evening moon during one of those long and boring nights when loneliness cast its spell on me!
I don't know what this means to you but against all odds, I have come thus far to say, "Nothing has changed about how I feel about you".

I have heard of how you have been negatively painted in the international media. I have heard of the brutal treatment meted to your children all over the globe. They have described your land as a home to corrupt practices and a den for criminals. This they have done to tarnish your image. But their lies have been revealed by those who have tasted of your lavished hospitality and bountiful harvest of natural and human resources! Be that as it may, my love for you Africa, will remain untainted with age!

The pains are only there to remind us of the sacrifices that went into bringing us together nevertheless, I see a future of bliss ahead for us. I HAVE MISSED YOU MY BELOVED AFRICA!

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sharon said...

I really liked this almost felt like that poem was written for me. The fact the you WILL be missing Africa once you are home with me. You know what this poem was written for me................LOVE YOU DAMILOLA