Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Women are African's Hope

I stumbled across this very short but witty piece while surfing the web about current events in Africa. I think this presents a very good perspective from which the African woman can be percieved.

"As I rested under a tree at midday a woman passed by, coming from nowhere and seemingly going nowhere. She walked past in silence. I mumbled 'Hello" in Kiswahili. Still walking with the weight of a bundle of wood on her head she turned effortlessly, almost gracefully and smiled.

'Jambo', she replied, acknowledging our presence. My thoughts turned to the heavy burdens so many African women carry, yet there is always the smile, the optimism and the hope.

Yes, the women keep this country going. As the men go to war or to drink or to work in towns far away, it is the women who carry the burden of home life. They will carry Africa into a hope-filled future.

Fr. Anthony Chantry MHM

Culled from this web page

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